Monday, November 7, 2016

Cleaning, Raking, a Bit of Both - November 7, 2016

Mom couldn't resist zooming in on such a happy face!

                   Hey there friends and family on this lovely November Monday. I can't believe we have already reached my 16 month mark! It really doesn't even feel real. Starting Tuesday people would ask how long I had been out and I would cringe. I really just need to say "A little over a year" because 16 months is ridiculous. But we had a pretty exciting week in teaching, finding, and service here in Saco. I even got to teach a lesson while wearing pants so fist pump there! I will explain that and more as you read on...(cheesy transition)
                    Monday was Deep Clean Halloween. Because this was formerly an elders apartment there were definitely things that needed to be deep cleaned like a closet full of clothes (literally full, as in, from floor to ceiling) that we assume an elder going home just shoved all his clothes in. Other notable finds include an entire suit (pants and jacket), a game of Risk (pieces and board), and a surprisingly large amount of space when you clear out the junk and trash. Sister Mann would be excited to know we cleaned the entryway (swept and took trash out) and decorated it nice with seashells and Mormonads. Good times for missionaries when they can't leave the apartment.
                    Honestly Tuesday and Wednesday weren't that exciting. We had some teaching appointments and meal appointments with members. I have I mentioned we have literally a dozen nonmembers we are working with to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ? It is so cool! We keep seeing so many miracles in this area and it makes me so excited. Like Thursday we extended a baptismal date to the woman I found by offering her son a sticker and she seemed really excited because it gave her something she could work to and in her words "no longer be a lukewarm Christian".
                    Another cool miracle was Friday morning during studies we were told that our morning appointment had to cancel so we planned to go stop by someone I knew was only available in the morning. About an hour later that person we planned texted and asked if we could come over and rake her leaves. We were so excited, got our service clothes on, and rushed to her home to rake those leaves. She also mentioned she didn't have a copy of the Bible or Book of Mormon so we were able to give those to her, share a message with her, and set up a return appointment for this week. Woo inspired miracles! AND to make Friday cooler we had another appointment fall through and so while we were walking back to the car I saw someone on their porch and then go into their home. Knowing I am commissioned to talk to everyone I told Sister Lescarbeau we needed to knock on this person's door so we went over, knocked twice and once we thought no one was going to answer the woman answered, we invited her to learn, and she let us right in! I was so pumped! It is easy to forget sometimes miracles like that DO happen in real life and not just in the Ensign in foreign missions.
                    We ended Friday with exchange in Yarmouth. I went to a member meal with Sister Knecht and had possible ground moose, possible ground deer meatloaf. It wasn't bad at all, just like any ground meat. Saturday morning we went to a garden Sister Mann and I had helped clean on exchange before but this time it was just Sister Knecht and I who didn't know really anything but the woman we were helping was super nice and helpful in getting us going. I used some big clippers to chop out some weeds and goldenrods which was a pretty fun, especially when I was finished with the patch I was assigned to clear out and could see it all done. Much like my favorite part of the mission, being able to see how far you have come.
                    Saturday night, because Portland is between Yarmouth and Saco, we almost met for dinner at Chipotle but went to the food court at the mall and I got Qdoba instead. So close. So. Close. Besides that, Sunday was exciting because of daylight savings, so one free hour of sleep. But now we get one less hour of light during the day, so boo. These are the things I miss about Arizona. Because Sister Lescarbeau wasn't feeling well I spent a lot of time reading in the Book of Mormon and I am currently in 3 Nephi 11-18. Words probably aren't able to describe how exciting it is to read those chapters like someone who doesn't know Jesus Christ or didn't know He had visited His "other sheep" in ancient America. I love being able to invite people to come close to Christ through the Book of Mormon and help them see if He loved the people in all parts of the world to visit them as the Resurrected Lord, He definitely loves us today. That I know.
                    Oh and today we went to Reny's. Apparently its a Maine Adventure. Have a good week and I love and miss you all!
Sister Wright  

"Sister Knecht and me"

"Exchange meeting!"

"Because Hood is a New England classic"

"Flowers we picked the last time I was on exchange in Yarmouth"

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