Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Missed the Parade... - November 14, 2016

Originally she didn't send any pictures this week, but I talked her into sending a selfie before she had to sign off of the computer-Mom

                    Hello and happy Monday friends and family! Before I forget, an important PSA: Please clean your iPad case as often as possible so you don't clean it just when someone you know hasn't washed their hands since they went to the bathroom holds your iPad case and you see WAY too much dirt covering the Lysol wipe and you feel like you live in filth. It is horrifying so please just do that regularly.
                    Anyway, this week was pretty fun. We got 14 out of the 20 lessons Salt Lake expects missionaries to get so I feel pretty great. AND we had the woman I found by giving her son a sticker came to church and she LOVED it so good things in Saco 2! And the crowd favorite Dave has been reading (well, listening) most of the Book of Alma in the Book of Mormon. This has been coming this week because this week Sister Lescarbeau and I have been dedicating ourselves to REALLY helping our investigators keep their commitments. I mean really giving them my entire commitment so they can progress. So for Kayla (the mom) we had the member in our lesson invite her to church and be her ride. And we gave her some old missionary clothes so she can have church clothes when she came to church. And she did! Helping: It's real!
                    As far as this week goes in detail: Monday we had Korean food made by a member who served in Korea so we tried Kimchi. I will eternal regret not recording Sister Lescarbeau and my reactions because it was hilarious. But I feel like I could get used to it really quickly. Not too spicy so woo.
                    Tuesday our cool miracle of the day was we were doing service at the food pantry and we realized a woman we were serving was someone I boldly started talking to on the street a few weeks ago. That was really cool. Especially when (tangent) after hearing Kayla explain at church how we (the sister missionaries) found her by talking to her on the street. I will just always feel proud for talking to her because it is my call to talk to everyone!
                    Truthfully, I don't remember anything that happened Wednesday. But Thursday we had zone interviews and that went pretty well. And we taught three people on the street, one being a potential who came out of their apartment and sat on their stairs to talk to us about a concern he has with his current study of the Bible. So we are trying to help him with that.
                    Friday we had all intent to go to the Veterans Day parade but due to an appointment we thought didn't go that long and apparently small participation, we totally missed it. It was honestly pretty disappointing. BUT we then just street contacted asking people if they got to see the parade and we were able to hand out a copy of the Book of Mormon so never lose hope!
                    As far as this weekend the coolest thing, again, was Kayla at church! Woo! But we are having district P-Day now so I need to wrap this up but I hope you all have a good week! Miss you all!
Sister Wright 

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