Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Many Pre-Halloween Treats - October 31, 2016

        Sister Wright and her new companion, Sister Lescarbeau, at the Saco Ward Trunk or Treat               

                    Happy Halloween friends and family from your favorite non-costumed missionary. Because Deep Clean Halloween falls on a Monday this year we are basically in all day which as a missionary is fun but not at the same time. Hooray for clean apartment but boo not really contacting people. Oh well. This week before Halloween we had a lot of cool miracles or "treats" so I am basically going to start sharing them now:
                    Monday Sister Mann and I walked on Old Orchard Beach and collected a bunch of shells and even some sand dollars. Reason why Sister Mann is the coolest: She decided to have us walk down the beach and talk to this guy who had said he saw us walking around before and we invited him to the ward party this weekend. But she talked to him about his religious background and we just casually discussed the gospel. It was cool. And at dinner we were able to set up with a member to take us to a lesson on Thursday so we were really excited, it was a good day.
                    Tuesday I traveled again to the land of my inheritance, Manchester, to drop off Sister Mann and pick up Sister Lescarbeau (which is funny considering Sister Lescarbeau was just serving in Portland, ME). I cried way too much losing Sister Mann but I knew she was in good hands to travel home. And Sister Lescarbeau and I got to know each other a little better on our way back. Sister Lescarbeau is from Colorado Springs, Colorado and is basically my apostate music soul sister. Like, she even likes Train because reference. She's been out for 14 months (so a transfer younger than me) and knows how to get things done and relate to people really well. Someone told us Sister Lescarbeau looks like Miley Cyrus (obviously before she went weird). But yeah we are going to get good work done here in Saco these next five weeks if this week is any indicator. #miracles
                    Wednesday we tried a lot of finding. Everyone should be proud of me because I talked to two people randomly, one taking their trash out. And the other was on their doorstep and I was basically across the street. Both took invitations to the Halloween party so I felt pretty accomplished.
                    Thursday we had a really cool miracle of going to find a potential investigator we had been trying to contact for a long time and ended up running into her less active land-lady and sharing a message with her and setting up reading the Book of Mormon with her. So good times with that. We also got to teach one of our investigators Mark at work because when the only time you can meet your investigators is at the job site, you do it. AND we had the coolest lesson ever with that member from Monday night. She took us to the appointment with a returning part member family and we are mostly teaching the daughter (age 10) so she can be baptized! We tried to teach her really slow and establish a foundation of Jesus Christ and His earthly ministry. The member who took us was super awesome because she brought visuals like clay apostles and pictures to hold and we feel we might have had some information overload but overall it was a neat experience. And they came to church on Sunday! We were also supposed to have a lesson with Dave. It fell though so we will continue to try to work with him.
                    Another cool miracle came on Friday. We went out to lunch with a member and the waitress told us she had to tell us a funny story before we left. Turns out she has had this spiritual awakening starting on Wednesday when she watched God is Not Dead and saw two Catholic Nuns on Thursday. She said when she saw us and our name tags on Friday she really felt like God was talking to her and we were able to give her our number. She is also coworkers with another potential investigator of ours so we will probably hear from her again. We also were able to share the message of the Book of Mormon with woman we do service for weekly which she turned out to really enjoy! And another less active sister we do service for is the coolest missionary even if she can’t get out of bed because she invited her friend to learn and the friend is interested and we taught her Saturday! So we have found a lot of cool people this week!
                    Saturday was the ward Trunk or Treat and Sister Lescarbeau and I got to be cats. Some other honorable mentions include the Thayer family as the Skywalker family (Sister Thayer even as Padme) and the Guerrettes as the Jurassic World cast (the kids as dinosaurs and the parents as Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt). Another family I didn't know was Harry Potter themed and the dad was Snape. Overall it was way fun, especially the Mac n Cheese cook off. I was in heaven.
                    Sunday we were basically everywhere after church. But the highlight was when a member couple came with us to teach their neighbor and the husband shared his testimony of the gospel in his life and invited our investigator to ponder what he would do if he found out this church was true. And that was super cool because the investigator really latched onto it.
                    So good things are happening in Saco. I hope you all have a safe Halloween and are excited for November. Love you all!

Sister Wright 
"At the beach. We had a fun time"

"In Manchester"

A member posted this on the mission facebook page and Mom was able to steal it!

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