Wednesday, July 22, 2015

First Email from the Mission Field, Manchester NH - July 20, 2015

Sister Wright still hasn't been able to send pictures, but her companion/trainer sent this one to her mother who posted it on facebook. Love that smile!

Dear Friends and Family,
Just to start of I would like to say thank you for the love support I have received either through emails, Dear Elders, or prayers. It really means a lot because this transition between the MTC and New England has been really hard on me. It's really made me stop and realize how much bigger this mission is than me I wouldn't be able to do it without the support of family, friends, and God himself so thank you.
I haven't written a lot about the MTC since July 6 but not much besides parting ways happened during that time. For Tuesday devotional my roommates and companion dragged me to be in the choir so guess who got to be featured on the Jumbotron again? Yeah, so much fun. It did
turn out ok and I sat next to a sister going to the Arizona Tempe mission and brag about how awesome that mission is. Also the director of the choir told awesome stories during practice like about Cinderella so that was cool.
I did get to see President Packer's funeral service which was really nice. I loved how hopeful and happy the service was because we know this life is only temporary and what we'll experience in the next. It also made me remember that after this life is just a giant missionary effort for those who never got the chance to accept the gospel and I'm just getting a head start.
So I flew into Manchester last Monday and that was a long, tiring, slightly frustrating but overall good adventure because all 23 of us got there with all our luggage and in one piece. We were mostly tired because we left the MTC by 4 am and my companion got motion sick on the plane but we all pushed through and made it. Also the pay phones and phone card companies did not like us so that was way frustrating. 
From there we spent the evening in the mission home, getting to know President and Sister Stoker who are super sweet.

Tuesday was the big transfer meeting where I found out where I specifically serve for my first twelve weeks. As many of you have heard I am currently actually just in Manchester which is a really cool, old city. My companion/trainer's name is Sister Banda and she's super good for me as a Jedi Master.
Since Tuesday afternoon I've been working in the mission field, going to meetings and knocking on doors to find those who might need the love and comfort of the gospel in their lives. My first door I knocked on was at the home of an elderly man with a dog who really liked exploring. While we were talking to him the dog got outside and we thought he would stay in him yard but eventually we turned around and he was a quarter of a mile down the street. The man kept calling to his dog but he couldn't get him so Sister Banda and I decided to run after this dog. In our skirts. So yeah I had a crazy first day chasing dogs for people's salvations.
Since then nothing too crazy has happened. We tract a lot which means we going up and down streets getting one of three responses per house: 1. No one answered the door, 2. Someone answers, listens as we introduce ourselves and say they're "all set" (Fun Fact: New Englanders don't say they're "all good", they say they're "all set"), or 3. Someone answers and listens to us and give us words of encouragement or offers a bottle of water or even let us in (that happened Friday). Even though it may seem like we aren't getting anything done, in reality we are planting seeds and as one sister put it when she answered the door "sharing Christ". A lot of those who answer the door and are really encouraging but not interested are members of other local churches and they also believe in Christ and I think they feel the Spirit when they speak to us, even if they don't recognize it.
On Wednesday we went to go find some former investigators and at one home didn't find the investigator but did get her mother. She was a passionate Baptist and when she saw our name tags said "Jesus Christ" she got way excited and talked about how we share Christ. She then saw our Book of Mormon and thought it was an English Bible and took it. and wanted us to put her name down. on a list so we did. She was cool.
Well I'm getting pressed for time and need to log off. Hope everyone is blessed by the Spirit of God this week!
Love, Sister Wright
"First P-Day we got a frappe (New Englander for milkshake)"

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