Wednesday, July 22, 2015

MTC Pictures

Update August 10, 2015: Priscilla was finally able to send pictures home today.  I added some of the MTC to this post. - Mom

I don't have many pictures so far of Sister Wright at the MTC.  She hasn't been able to send any pictures home yet. So the pictures I do have I received from other moms. I'm grateful for all of them!
Sister Wright with (L-R) her roommate Sister Dickson, and her roommates Sister Watson and Sister Rogerson

 "Most of us from my MTC district with our teacher Sister Smith"

"My work friend Allee!"

"The New Hampshire sisters that I roomed with (didn't plan on coordinating)"

Hummingbird by the Provo Temple

"My MTC district. The two companionships on the end went to Pittsburg and the other elders came out here (New Hampshire) with us"

Quail by the Provo Temple

"This view reminded me of when I went to BYU and would walk back from doing baptisms" (Back to her apartment from the Provo Temple

"Did I mention Provo is a second home?"

"Gotta love the temple"

"View from the classroom. You can see the SWKT, bell tower, and some Heritage roofs"

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