Wednesday, July 22, 2015

First Mission Email from the MTC - July 6, 2015

Dear Family,
Wow! For it only being my first P-Day you all have already heard a lot about my MTC experience! I would also like to thank you all for the Dear Elders! I really enjoyed hearing from you on Friday. I haven't gotten any letters from Saturday or Sunday though because Saturday felt the need to be a National Holiday and Sunday was Sunday so hopefully I'll get those letters later today!
I am sure you are all wondering how I am doing and the answer is GREAT! I was really nervous coming to the MTC that I wouldn't be able to handle anything but I've been really blessed. Every time I am exhausted physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually the Spirit gives me the strength to carry on and because of that blessing I have learned a lot.
Contrary to popular belief, that is not my companion next to me in Stephanie Nielson's photo, she is actually on the other side of the family. My companion is named Sister Dickson and she is super great. She has a fantastic testimony and every time we sit down to teach an investigator I realize she's doing most of the talking because she is just that awesome. I also knew I was going to love her when we were first walking as a companionship on Wednesday and she said "I'm really sarcastic".

Sister Dickson and Sister Wright

I have met most of the group of us going to New Hampshire next week. Our roommates are a set of sisters going with us and they're really cool too. Them and my companion are a lot girly-er than me (surprise surprise) and they're all from Utah so they all have a lot in common. So sometimes I feel a little left out but as Sister Dickson said one time: "All you need is the Spirit and we can all get along". All of the Elders, however, are all 18 and straight out of high school. I thought, and still sometimes think, they're pretty immature and need to learn they're not "all that", then I realized being around them reminds me a lot of seminary and I didn't think I missed those times but apparently I do. One Elder actually is from Trinidad and he's 20 but he's super nice too.
I have been blessed to run into other missionaries training here like Sister Ricks, Elder Welch, Elder Smith-Driggs, Sister Merrill, and Sister Stokes. I've also seen Elder Chamberlain from afar so that's fun. Seeing work friends at the cafeteria is also a great blessing!
As for the bats in the sisters housing, I think hat all happened before I got here and they shuffled sisters around to get them out of that building. Besides that that's all I know.
I'm SO SO glad you got to see Sister Nielson's instagram post! That was such a cool experience! Apparently our zone doesn't do our temple walks at 12:30 but we did yesterday and got the opportunity to meet Sister Nielson and her family! They were all super sweet and I gave her your email but afterwords I think I typed it wrong so you must not have got it. But I'm so glad everyone got to see it!
Another neat experience I had was the Fourth of July Devotional. To preface, I haven't really cried here at the MTC which is weird because that's normally how I feel the Spirit but I have felt the Spirit in so many other great ways. But at the devotional they opened with a few patriotic hymns and when the meeting started they had missionaries carrying flags either from they're home country or where they are going to serve. I don't know why but that made me start bawling, especially as we sang "Hark All Ye Nations". What a wonderful time to be alive where we can see the glory of the gospel reach every nation! After the devotional we got to see the fireworks from the Stadium. They looked super neat from where we were but I'm sure they were even more awesome actually at the Stadium.

One last good/funny experience I had was yesterday at the Sunday Evening Devotional. We had one of Elder Oaks's daughters, Jenny Oaks Baker, come to speak and perform with her family. I really liked the musical performances but now I can't listen to Amazing Grace hanks to my Sister companions. We got to the Devotional super early so we decided to sit as close to the front as possible which sounded like a good idea at the time until the first musical performance (Amazing Grace) when I quickly realized we were so close to the children's performance area which had extended off the stage and was a good five yards away from my seat. So I was apart of the performance whenever the cameras would point at certain angles and project my lovely background face on the jumbotrons for all the missionaries in the MTC to see. What made it worse was when every time that happened my companion and other NH sisters would giggle as I awkwardly sat there trying to look not-awkward. So I'm never sitting in the front for a devotional again.
I hope the trip home was quick and safe!

At the Jenny Oaks Baker Devotional

As stated before, I have been having a wonderful experience here and would love to keep getting your support through emails and Dear Elders. Love and miss you all!
-Sister Wright

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